20.01.2020 More Donors

Monday, January 20, 2020 11:22 AM Multiple Sclerosis
20.01.2020 More Donors

For many years, assistance generated by other sources than pharmaceutical companies has been coming into the Russian MS Society. Such sources of assistance diversify the budget of the Organisation. That is vital and constructive, since it contributes to RuMSS’s sustainability and independence.

No doubt, the opportunities, leading at the end of the day to sources of support not from pharmaceutical companies, are those we normally face every day. You can even say that those sources belong to our daily life that we have casually omitted. Given the vast variety of contexts, one should bear in mind that contexts show-case unique opportunities for fundraisers and those seeking in-kind donations. That is, opportunities may drastically vary or be even absent in a neighboring country or region within one country.

Moreover, some of these assistance sources seem unlimited. Experienced and well-informed professionals timely identify potential sources, where they can turn to for a needed helping-hand "in the right place, at the right time". For instance, an IT expert may have a handy list of relevant companies interested in providing services to organisations of people with disabilities for free.

However, you will find some similar features of the "pharma-free" funding sourcing everywhere. Without mentioning grant support from foundations, NGOs often have all rights and every reason to rely on the government.

Dr. Yan Vlasov, President, RuMSS, in addition to relevant successes achieved by our IT experts in the form of provided services or other in-kind donations, points out the fact that the state budget covers 100% of new DMDs registered in Russia. This significantly enriches the Organisation’s stories of success without any involvement on the part of pharmaceutical companies.

This gives all grounds to positively deem NGOs, their role, and potential to be solid to achieve socially significant goals and objectives the organisation has on its agenda. Surprisingly, our potential donors are waiting for our step forward towards them.

Pavel Zlobin
Acting Vice President, International Affairs
Russian MS Society/RuMSS